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An Introduction to the Modern Forehand: Preparation

Hi everyone! 

Over the next few entries, we plan on breaking down the steps that we believe are the most important to hitting a forehand in the modern game. Below you will be able to read more about the grip and preparation but don't worry! We will cover footwork, contact, and finish in later installments.

1.     The Grip

    o   There are few different grips that are utilized when hitting a forehand.

Eastern Forehand Grip

Eastern Forehand Grip

Western Grip

Western Grip



2.     The preparation

     o   Upper body

Rafa 1.jpg

         §  Turn shoulders towards your                           dominant side (Right for righties;                   left for lefties)

         §  Hold the racquet so that it is                           perpendicular to the group. Pretend               like you are hanging the racquet on                 an invisible wall.*

         §  Use the non-dominant hand for                       balance and tracking the ball.

      o   Lower body

        §  Turn hips and stance towards the dominant side to a semi-open stance (see below).
        §  Be sure to bend knees in preparation for contact

If you have any questions on how this applies to your game specifically or for more granular details, please do not hesitate reaching out to any of our coaches. For information about later stages of the forehand, stay tuned for the next post! 

See you out on the court!